We’re an independent studio making innovative and creative work that adds value to the entertainment industry through state of the art post-production solutions and strategic investment.

Remote Solutions

We have a cloud workflow that allows complete freedom for the creative team to work remotely while our partners monitor progress in a real-time environment. Remote solutions include data management, offline, online and audio.

Offline Edit

Our offline cutting suits have the latest Avid technology, fast Wi-Fi connectivity, and Editshare storage solutions. Clients are able to work on the same project in multiple suites.

Online Edit

We offer a wide range of creative online tools to help our clients realise the ambitions of their projects. We have state-of-the-art storage solutions, network infrastructure and workflows which enable us to move projects seamlessly from offline to grade, colour and finish. Our clients’ projects will look great while conforming to the highest technical standards and deliverables.


We provide super fast, flexible dailies processing that can be tailored to the needs of large and small productions, studio films, scripted TV, creative docs and digital projects. We precisely process dailies fast, syncing audio, and providing easy-to-edit transcoded material for any platform.


We provide sound design and mix, sound edit, foley, ADR and VO.


We add value to projects through strategic investment. Our investment models include tax incentive investment and debt and equity investment.

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